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Dillon, 4/7 6:33
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The prospect of being whisked around in air-cushioned pods at high speeds is an appealing one. Perhaps the general public is willing to suspend its disbelief because faith in futuristic endeavor is a human instinct. People want to believe that progress is unstoppable, even when it takes the form of obvious folly.

Arron, 4/7 6:33
I'm self-employed Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder. He says he fatally shot Martin in a scuffle at the townhome complex where Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer and where Martin was visiting his father's fiancee. Martin was black and Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. Some civil rights activists argued that the delay in charging Zimmerman was influenced by Martin's race, and protests were held around the nation in the 44 days before Zimmerman was arrested.

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